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CMM workshop moved under its own hard won roof in 2013. Thank you for Your support!


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Wolfpack -  22% Off    




Latest miniatures:



Barbarian Warrior 1


Hellsnake Demon





Female Northern Champion





 Half Troll 2






 Female Rogue 1





 Sorceress 2











 Vampire Countess  











 Rotting Revenant 











 Wolf pack











 Necromant 1











 Sorceress 1



Shop sections
Halflings. Hobbit Adventurers and Heroes
Halfling Female Rogue Halfling Rogue
Human Adventurers, Rascals, Heroes and their Pets
Sorceress 1 Sorceress 2 Female Ranger Rogue Female Wizard Wizard Ranger Fighter Female Fighter Female Druid Female Rogue Archer 1 Archer 2 Warhound 1 (Mastiff) Hunting dog   (Greyhound) Sorcerer
Barbarian Adventurers, Heroes and their Beasts
Wolf 4 Wolf 2 Wolf 1 Wolf 3 Barbarian Warrior 1 Norseman Fighter 1 Norseman Fighter 2 Female Barbarian Warlord & Hellsnake Demon
Dwarwen Adventurers
Dwarf Adventurer
Elven Adventurers
Elven Adventurer
Beasts of Prey, wild animals and critters
Wolf pack (10 Wolves)
Rotting Revenant on Plaguehound
Undead and their Minions
Zombie 1 Zombie 2 Vampire Countess Necromancer
Orcs, Skuruts and Goblins, Adventurers and Foes
Goblin Fighter 1 Skurut Fighter 1 Halfgoblin
Trolls and Halftrolls, Adventurers and Foes
Half Troll Chieftain Half Troll Fighter

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