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CMM workshop moved under its own hard won roof in 2013. Thank you for Your support!


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Jan.K 06:10:27 03.09.2008 Reply
We will. :) Our wizarding babes are performing even better than expected.

Next girl in line will be Female Thief sculpted by Martin G, but she is not designed to be a Babe. It is custom-made miniature designed by the customer (on the basis of his RPG character I believe), and the character happen to be what we call "seda mys". (it means: Not-miss-Universe)

(We offer 50% cut from commission if the customer gives us the licence for the concept and does not desire to own unique piece. 80% of our assortement was made this way. That is why we call ourselves Custom-made miniatures and why it is so difficult to google us. There is a lot of interference.. :)
puster 17:28:24 01.09.2008 Reply
>I'm afraid Sorceress 2 won't be released earlier than at the
>end of August. You have to be patient

Well, my patience run out. I just ordered it (and a second for my daughter to paint, and some others).

Keep it up :-)

Jan.K 09:03:13 20.08.2008 Reply
.. so you deviced yet another xenomaterial..!? My my, I really hope there is no wax in it or something like that. :)

Sculptors, please, stick to standart putties and already tested mixtures when making sculpts for moulding. Do not use anything what can evaporate in vacuum, melt below 160..., or to do anything unexpected. In fact do not use any material or ingredient of unknown chemical/physical behaviour during moulding proces.

The range of available sculpting putties is wide nowadays, so why to risk?

Production mould for Sorceress 2 is not ready yet but I get to it as soon as possible. I'm afraid I need to do some tin vignettes first to keep us going.
Leli.D 09:32:32 19.08.2008 Reply
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm afraid Sorceress 2 won't be released earlier than at the end of August. You have to be patient :)

As for the sculpting materials, I have no experience with Procreate, though Jan has been using it and seems to be quite satisfied with the stuff.
When I was sculpting my very first sculpt I used Green stuff but I went off it due to its lumpiness and quite high recovery.
Now I use Tamiya Epoxy Putty which is definitely more sculptor friendly material, however it has one fatal flaw and that is its white colour. It's really tough to keep the sculpt clean. However this drawback can be easily solved by adding colouring substance - eyeshadow comes in handy then :)
zeldafan 19:39:40 16.08.2008 Reply
I am very impressed with your work at custom made minis. I am an artist/sculptor who has been experimenting with minis, but would like to begin in earnest. I was just curious as to what you guys prefered when sculpting. I have been using ProCreate Just curious.
puster 21:09:49 14.08.2008 Reply
I found your site only through the announcement on TMP. You definitely need a bit more exposion to the wider audience (though I fear that more success will mean the end of the VAT exemption sooner or later). Anyway, as soon as the Sorceress 2 is available you will find yourself with a new customer, and once I have seen the castings in real life I may start to spread the word around a bit with my fellows.

Any better date yet then "end of august" for the release?
Jan.K 07:11:58 30.06.2008 Reply
Forum renamed so now its about Custom-made minis in general.

People, what do you like and dislike here?

I personally hate all complications related to website language duality. Managing one localisation would be much easier but unfortunately I'm sort of patriot. It's silly. :)
Jan.K 18:55:07 29.06.2008 Reply
You are welcome.

Please, be patient until we finish these forums. All feedback would be really useful and appreciated but our coder is out of reach now. It will be much easier to post here eventually, I promise.
Thor747 06:13:58 28.06.2008 Reply
Hi, I got the package, the minis are fantastic. Thanks a lot!
seankreynolds 21:16:08 24.06.2008 Reply
I've blogged about you, and Monte cook mentioned you on his message boards, so we are getting the word out. :)
Jan.K 09:18:02 23.06.2008 Reply
Hi, thanks for your appreciation, we will certainly do our best.

And if you want to help a little, just spread a few words about us. This site would definitely use "some extra exposure."
seankreynolds 04:39:58 23.06.2008 Reply
Hello! I just wanted to say that I really like the look of your miniatures! I will be ordering some in about a month when I'm settled in my new home. I wish you the best of luck!
Jan.K 09:26:26 17.06.2008 Reply
Forum dedicated to our hobby. I do hope I wont be the only one reading and responding, right my dearest coleagues? :)

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