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CMM workshop moved under its own hard won roof in 2013. Thank you for Your support!


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Latest miniatures:



Barbarian Warrior 1


Hellsnake Demon





Female Northern Champion





 Half Troll 2






 Female Rogue 1





 Sorceress 2











 Vampire Countess  











 Rotting Revenant 











 Wolf pack











 Necromant 1











 Sorceress 1



About CMM  



CMM is a partneship of two independent artisans with own tin-casting workshop and this collective website presentation.


We are focusing on 28mm Heroic Scale war-gaming and collectable miniatures and our aim is to provide fine and useful miniature sets created in homogenous realistic style and quality  We manufacture three small games and collectible single miniatures. The line available on this shop is dedicated to the only original Czech RPG game, DrD. (Dragons Lair)

All licencess including customers licences (for other games beside DrD we manufacture miniaturs for), the logo and the domain are kept under Jans name.

CMM team:


Martin Grospietsch: the main sculptor, trader, backup tinsmith

Jan Kral: original tinsmith, webmaster, official licensee and backup sculptor. (Last three years on hiatus puting together self-dependent permaculture homestead..)






Phone: there is no telephone signal in our parts of country. Email only.
Email: custommademinis@seznam.cz

For all products and content all rights reserved. Copyright © 2007 by Jan Kral.